Friday, March 23, 2007

The Dream I Had This Morning

The first thing I can recall is a rugged dangerous man swinging a sword at Jason. He’s big and muscley with long dread-lock hair. He swings his sharp sword inches from Jason and he doges. Jason keeps telling him to be careful it’s as though they are practicing, but the dangerous man seem serious.

We are in the Lynwood chapel parking lot. We duck behind cars to get away from the man. One of the cars had the words: “Donovan Doss-E-ay” printed on the side. It’s a Jeep Wrangler; Donovan Dociey must be the man's name because it belongs to him.

While we are crouched behind the car we hear a commotion on the other side of the parking lot. Two girls dressed for church are being taken from their parents and climbing into the jeep. There is no struggle but their parents shout in protest, they are upset. I’m in the back of the jeep with the two girls; one next to me is quite taken with Donovan and is happy to be captured by him. Her parents are not willing to let her go and since Donovan won’t give them back the father jumps in the jeep on the passenger side next to Donovan just before he drives off. The mother (who resembles a lady at church who works in the library) gets in the other car with Jason and we follow (I think I’m in this car too?).

We drive up to a small cottage like structure; there is a little snow on the ground and the sky is gray giving a diffused dim light to the place.
I’m in the second car with Daryllyn; the car we were following should be here but it has disappeared. We get out of the car and go inside. Something is wrong, something is different about the cottage that shouldn’t be. The furniture (that strongly resembles my new couches) looks like it had gotten wet and is drying out again.

Out side the cottage there is a small cave like opening on the right side of the cottage hidden by some mossy stuff. I crawl in and notice that things have been disturbed in here as well. (It’s a 2nd living area similar to the 1st) A large envelope by the doorway is knocked over and the table in the corner had been moved.

I realized that this place if full of MAGIC.

I think I said as much when a voice spoke and confirmed my suspicions, it said the other car had come here and they had disturbed the magic spell so that when we arrived if we didn’t touch everything in the same order that the others had we would not be able to find them. The voice left.

Daryllyn and I tried to put everything back in their proper place to restore the magic and bring back the others but so many things were already different even the snow had begun to melt. We begin to despair that we would never get them back. (We are still in the 2nd part of the cottage the opening is no longer cave like but a real door, the cottage resembles a two room motel the 1st door on the left and the 2nd on the right)

I walk about the cottage and into the bathroom I pull back the shower curtain... there is no wall to separate the rooms! In the other room I see Kenton lying on the bed asleep in his church clothes. I climb in and out of the tub into the other room and run over to wake him. The explanations are a blur but he assures me that he and the others had been there the whole time.
Everyone missing is now present or accounted for. It’s bright and sunny out side.
Louis gives Kenton a video phone, so that he can contact Daryllyn if needed. She holds up a camera to show she has the receiving end, she is loading her kids back into the car. Louis then leaves, everyone is leaving.

I am left alone now, I can’t remember the name of the town I’m in but Jason said that he drove us near the mountains, am I on the east or west side of them? It’s getting dark and begins to rain as I drive in the direction I think I ought to go.

I stop at a red light behind a big greyhound bus. I jump out of my car and ask the bus driver if it can get me home. She says she can get me to the bus station in Grand Junction where I could catch a bus home. I climb aboard worried about leaving my car in the middle of the street wondering if I left the door open or did I close it?

I get off at the station, every thing is confusing I can either take a plane to Denver which would only take a half an hour or take the bus for 16 hours. But then I think why take a bus when I have a perfectly good car sitting in the middle of the road somewhere. The bus lady shows me to my room, apparently this is also a hotel.

Mom and Merrilee show up, they flew here to come get me.

We decide to drive, after all it doesn’t really take 16 hours and in my car we won’t have to stop as much and besides I can’t just leave it my family needs it, I am relived because I had been worried about the car ever since I left it.

Once we are ready to go we pick up our bags Mom picks up Abigail in her car seat and says to me “something’s wrong with your baby, she’s not moving” Merrilee says “she’s fine mom” I explain that she is just sleeping and if you wiggle her enough she’ll wake up. We have the bus take us back to my car, I am relived to see that I had shut the door and that it is still there. We all get in and drive home.

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