Tuesday, March 27, 2007

FHE Sharing Time

So here’s what we did for family home evening last night…

Opening prayer: ZJ

Song: Redeemer of Israel (directed by Daddy using Lubber boy's foot)

Story: Learning God’s Law (from The Friend April 2007 read by Mommy)

Scripture: out of Book Of Mormon Stories (read by Sweet Pea, Mommy translated)

Activity: Draw Pictures about the lesson Treats: Chocolate chip cookies (delivered by Lubber boy)

Closing/Family Prayer: Lubber boy.

Here are the pictures we drew:

I drew David O. McKay delivering the best hay to the bishop for tithing.

ZJ drew himself paying tithing to the Bishop with Mommy holding his hand. (The bishop is on the stand and Daddy and Lubber boy are sitting on the bench in the back ground.)

Lubber boy drew a shield of faith. (it looks exactly like the shield from the computer game PsychoNauts.)

Daddy drew the sky right before Jesus appears

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