Friday, March 30, 2007

For Me

I got myself an early birthday present! I'm so excited about gardening this year! I spent a large part of the day Wednesday outside cutting and cleaning up the yard and getting it ready for planting. Then after uncovering the new leaves of my perennials to the warm spring sunshine, I woke up Thursday morning to the world covered in 2 inches of snow. So depressing... well today is sunny so there is hope that it will all melt today.


Merrilee Liddiard said...

cool! did you get yourself a subscription or just the one Gardening magazine? I wish I were as inspired to garden as you are. I'm more prone to indoor decorating...anything outdoors intimidates me.

Annie Carie said...

Actually it's a BIG FAT B0OK Mer just like the one I was looking through at the house we stayed at in CA only it's the new 2007 issue I picked it up at Costco.