Sunday, March 25, 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

The most wonderful time of the year usually describes Christmas, but each year as Easter nears I am thrilled once again to celebrate a holiday centered on Jesus Christ. Oh how wonderful it is to have these two bright spots in the year. I despise drudgery, the everyday grind, and getting stuck in that rut. I want the excitement and wonder of having Christ in the details of my life. I love that it’s really possible too. He’s there ready waiting with his “arm stretched out” to me.
Today I was blessed with one of His “tender mercies”. After taking Lubber boy to his class in the primary room, I had to stand out in the hallway because if I went back in to do my secretary work for the primary he would see me and start crying. I wandered down the hallway toward the clerk’s office thinking of things I could update on the computer. Next to the clerks office is the bishop’s office, where people tend to gather so I stopped to talk to one of the bishop's councilors.
Hold on I got to get my fast offering ready for the deacons they are coming by to pick it up one second…
So I’m standing in the hall waiting to talk to someone when another brother drives up behind me, (he is driving one of those cart things for folks who have a hard time getting around on foot). I know his face well, I warmly recall the time he complimented me one Fathers day when I was the primary music leader, he had told me it was best Fathers day presentation he’d ever seen, and told me I was doing a wonderful job. As these thoughts pass through my mind I turn and gave him my full attention. He grasps my hand and says to me “I was so glad to see you in church today; when I saw you come in with your husband and children”, “Thank you” I said “It just makes me happy because you are so special, you are such a special person.” I had no words I just wanted to give him a huge hug. He just totally made my day, he made it so beautiful, and I was all smiles after that.
My Heavenly Father sent him to me today because he wanted to remind me how much he loves me and cares about me.

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