Tuesday, April 10, 2007

FHE Sharing Time

So here's what we did for family home evening last night…

Opening prayer: Mommy Song: ZJ, Jesus said love every one
Movie: The Lamb of God
Scripture: Easter Story (Daddy wasn't home)
Activity: Lubber boy- Tie-tie-tight with Pictures of the Easter story
Draw Pictures about the lesson
Treats: Ice cream sandwitches Sweet Pea was asleep so every one helped
Closing/Family Prayer: Lubber boy

Here are the pictures we drew:
ZJ drew in his words: "Something good but sad too" (the crucifixion) He also said: Jesus giving lives to people that died
Lubber boy's picture I interpreted as the fish and honey that Jesus ate to show he was alive and not just a spirit.

I traced my hand and ZJ's to represent when Jesus showed the wounds in his hands to the Nephites.

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