Friday, April 20, 2007

FHE Sharing Time

So here is waht we did for Family Home Evening FHE.
Opening prayer by Daddy.
Song Popcorn Popping conducted by SweetPea.
Story from the April 2007 Friend pg.36 "Sharing Susie".
Scripture James 1:17 by Luber boy.
Picture holder: ZJ.
Treats: chocolate chip cookies by Mommy.
To Zachary's disappointment we didn't have time for a game.

Here are the pictures:
Our lesson was on sharing, so everyone depicted something that was hard to share:

ZJ drew himself sharing with Luber boy.

Luber boy drew his "special R2D2" (mommy helped him draw it).

I drew myself gaming with ZJ he demands it so harshly I have a hard time sharing with him.

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