Friday, April 20, 2007

A Reflection

There I was 5 years old sitting on a park bench with my best friend. we snuggled together in a blanket to keep warm in the chilly air. We were eating a delicious warm gooey sweet roll. We didn't talk much because we were absorbed in our dessert. But every now and then we couldn't help but whisper to each other and giggle a little bit. I was happy.

-contented sigh-

Well... It wasn't long ago and I wasn't five and not at a park and it wasn't a dessert we were enjoying, but the feeling was the same. As my friend and I sat on the bench/pew during women's conference a coat spread across our legs in the chilly chapel enjoying the message, I was happy.

I was so enjoying the company that my silly little girl heart kept imagining me jumping out of my seat and doing a little happy dance. (I'm so weird)


Merrilee Liddiard said...

Carianne, you're not weird at all, rather you are beautiful writer! Your words really took me too the places where you were and in both locations I could feel the happiness and warmth you felt. Girl, you need to write more! You have a gift!

Annie Carie said...

Thanks Merrilee!!
you are so sweet!