Wednesday, May 30, 2007

R2D2 and the chili peppers

So lets start with... the disappearances of the jalapeno peppers.

Daddy loves to have hot chilli's with his dinner, so when I went to the grocery store a few days ago I bought 4 or so jalapenos.
ZJ loves to put one on daddy's plate when he sets the table.
When ZJ came to the table this particular evening he announced "there are no more chilli's!"
"there should be a couple left" I say
Daddy comes back to the dinner table from a trip the the fridge to investigate, "who took all the food out of the fridge drawers?"
An inquiry commences
Both boys deny it, and both are very convincing.
From my experience ZJ is telling the truth and to question him further or disbelieve him would cause sadness.
K- is the most likely suspect he just doesn't remember doing it.
After a few minuets go by K- confesses "I just do crazy things"
"Is that what you were thinking when you did it?" Daddy asks
"Uh huh"
"Where did you get that idea?" I ask
"From my best friend R2"
"Oh is he your best friend now?"
"Where is he?" Daddy asks
Because we are all wondering since he's been missing for over a month, and he's included in all our family prayers at least the ones K- gives.
"He's at work"
"when does he come home" Daddy asks
"On Sundays"

The next day after church I find K- on the day bed in the living room laughing and laughing
"what's so funny?" I ask
He runs over to the treasure chest and reaches behind it and pulls out two jalapenos!
"It was R2's idea hee hee hee"

So now K- has an imaginary R2D2 friend!

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