Thursday, June 28, 2007

Planning Baby's First Birthday and Birthday review

I love to give good birthday parties for my kids. I don't want to over do it, but I do want it to look beautiful and be really fun. So I try really hard to do the most for a little money and work smart so I don't overwhelm myself.

#1 I have to have an awesome cake! And I like to do it myself if I can, but if a good opportunity for a store bought cake comes up, I'll take advantage of that. For instance I got a coupon from Safeway for a free birthday cake for my baby's first birthday, I was more than happy to use it.

So here I am trying to plan out my daughters first birthday party, I refuse to do princess, because she is just a baby and there will be time enough later for a princess party.

I had just decided to make her birthday a lady bug theme when I found these cupcakes at It's gonna be SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! I've been planning out the kids parties years in advance and so far I've been able to do all the parties I've wanted. Z's first birthday was jungle/safari themed with a giraffe cake, his 2nd birthday was a bug party with a cute bumblebee cake. K's First birthday was a Pooh bear party with a store bought cake, his second was a monkey theme with a way awesome monkey cake! Z's Third b-day was a dinosaur theme with a stego cake, and 4th b-day was red firefighter party with a fire truck cake. K's 3rd b-day was a farm yard party with a cake from aunt Ruby's bakery and farm animal cookies from King Soopers. Z's 5th birthday was a Dragon Tales theme with a homemade Ord pinata, and Z helped decorate the cake.

Zachary's 1st birthday cake
Zach's 2nd birthday
Kaleb's 1st birthday cake
Zachary's 3rd birthday

Zachary's 4th birthday
Kaleb's 2nd birthday

Zach's 5th birthday

Kaleb's 3rd birthday

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