Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our month in review!

Since I've been partying a bunch, lol that sounds funny, I'm not sure other people would call it that. So since I don't feel like writing a bunch of stuff I'll just put up some pictures -K.

Here's my BABE at 9 months near the beginning of June

This was the Aquarium field trip, we when with Zachary's school, the bus got lost on the way there.

This was when we celebrated Z's Kindergarten Graduation. The cake was a gift from Grandma M. The Dino with the grad hat was so adorable!

This is me and my cousin Crystal at my grand parents house on fathers day.

This is my Grandpa dancing and singing to babe on Fathers day.

This is the first tea party on my new dinning room table, in Merrilee's words "what better way to christen your table". It was definitely worth the effort!

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