Sunday, August 12, 2007

I Almost Forgot About my DOMESTIC DAY!

I did the dishes,
Cleaned the kitchen,
Did a couple loads of laundry,
Baked red velvet cup cakes,
Dipped gram crackers in mint chocolate (YUMMY!)
Cooked dinner, I actually cooked dinner, no I really did, really really I'm not lying.
Roast beef french dip sandwiches!

All because of Harry Potter... yes you herd right. This "domestic day" that I had, happened a week following the last Harry Potter book came out! 

Jason and I had read all the Harry Potter books together and it's been so fun! So far we had taken turns reading and then catching up to one another and passing the other up and finally reading aloud to each other. 

On this particular day I was dying to read while Mi Amor was at work!  I couldn't stop thinking about the story I wanted to know what happened next so bad I even called him at work to see if it would be okay with him if I went ahead and read to my little hearts content. 
Of course he was fine with it but then I thought better of myself. I knew I would regret getting ahead, because I LOVE reading with him. So to keep myself preoccupied I cleaned and baked and I never knew I could be so productive.


mer said...

Cari you are a true inspiration. I want one of those cupcakes right now! :)

D-lyn said...

Holy COW!!!
Who knew the Potter infection has a great side effect! I want one of those mint grams, yum!

Lorajean said...

Freak out! I love you carinne!! I had one of those day I think! mabey last month or something. :) Youre awesome!!