Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tour of My House

I've been working hard on making our house a home and I'm delighted to share my home with you:
My Living Room Before the new furniture:
My Living Room After:
Me Sitting in my Living Room

as you can see I'm not quite done painting the walls.A messy shelf in my Living RoomWith a cool SHIP on it: I bought this ship at a Ross in Logan on a trip to see Lorajean :-)My piano that I love! We got this piano from Jason's Uncle who was moving.

A pretty corner in my kitchen
My Kitchen table:


D-lyn said...

Your home is so lovely! I am Jealous. I wish I could get some of the rooms of my house BOx free and furnished. I love all the touches you have done and the style!

Liberty said...

Wow, your house is so beautiful! It looks like something out of a Pottery Barn catalog or something. :) Nicely done!

mer mag said...

I love the before and after living room shots. Wow what a difference. You've done such a great job! Love your taste sista.