Thursday, November 8, 2007

Everyday milestones

This is my home school boy working in his SCIENCE notebook. He's drawing the parts of a plant.
This is my big big Walking girl. WHAT! who said you could get so big!


D-lyn said...

It's AWESOME!!!! I love seeing such homey photos! I love that Z is writing in his Science Journal! Hurray for home learning!
I love seeing A walking along with her big smile!
Looks like you've got something from A to Z! Hee hee, hee!

Lorajean said...

SO SO cute!!!! Alex is walking too! I better post come walking pics on mine. IM SSSOOO EXCITED TO SEE YOU IN A WEEK!!

mer said...

so cute Cari! Abby is such a doll and I'm so proud of Zachary. Is he a lot happier now? I bet so. I with I could come and play with all of you on Thanksgiving!2602co