Monday, December 31, 2007

The bottle run

We visited Grandma Mary Sunday night and I forgot Babe's bottle. She can not fall asleep with out it, and she did not take a nap. It was past her bed time and she was not happy!

So I attempted to coax her to sleep with a sippy cup. Not a chance!

Next attempt was to go for a car ride, No success there.

While driving around I decided it was time to buy a bottle. I stopped at Safeway

We run into the store, I grab a Playtex bottle, the kind we use at home so I know she will like it. Next I pick up a bottle of milk so I can fill up the bottle right away. I head to the check out.

The checker rings up my order and it's time to pay. Shoot, where is my purse?

I must have left it in the car, I tell the checker and I'll come back in a minute when I have it.

I pull my little girly out of the cart and dash out to the car. She seems to think this is a fun adventure we're on. I'm happy she is not upset anymore.

My purse is not in the car! I remember now that I left it in the play room at Grandmas house.
OK what to do now? Do I drive back to grandma's and get it and then buy the bottle? This is really frustrating.

I check around the car to see if my husband left his wallet... nope. Then I check the ash tray... I find three dollars and about fifty cents give or take.

I think I can buy a cheaper bottle for that and forget about the milk I've got some in this sippy cup anyway. Back into the store we go.

Oh man, what's the deal? Not a single bottle fore less than $4.50! You can get a pack of three cheep ones for $4.49. This trip has not gone well!

Ok I'll ask this lady for a dollar, oh thank you, thank you lady!

I run up to the checker I had left my things with and she sent me to the service desk. I hope I can get the bottle including tax with this.

At the service desk they start to ring me up and I tell them I don't need the milk I've got some in my sippy cup and I explain the whole thing about how Babes won't fall asleep with out a bottle and we left it at home and we are at Grandmas house yada yada yada... I was feeling quite lame at this point.

Well I must have looked pretty pathetic too because the lady offered to pay the difference. I was actually surprised because I was worried I wouldn't be able to get it and be frustrated again. I said once again that I didn't really need the milk, but as I looked at the woman and the man behind the Safeway service desk I could see that they really wanted to help me, why not let them, I really did need it.

So I gave them the cash I and they both pulled out a dollar from each of their wallets. I left the store with a bottle AND milk!

While totally embarrassing for me I am so grateful there are awesome people at the Safeway willing to help me out in a pinch! God bless them and Merry Christmas!


Lorajean said...

How nice of them to help you out like that. I hope your day improved after such trauma. Love You tons!!


mer said...

I can SOOO relate. Carianne I love you and I love those guys for looking out for you. They were happy to serve so you helped them too.

D-lyn said...

i started to cry and I am so happy there are folks who are trying to be kind! May their kindness be rewarded and we can pay it forward!

Lorajean said...

Hurray for the sister support system!!

Lorajean said...

or should I sat "Sis"-tem