Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Realist

I was having a frustrating moment. I was whining and crying in the kitchen as I was making dinner. When my six year old came up to me and gave me a hug.

He said "are you okay mommy, what's the matter?"

I explained that I was upset that the house wasn't clean

"well you can just clean it tomorrow" he replied

"But I want it clean NOW" I cried

Then he said "you are just like us mommy?"

That confused me... "what?"

"We want those Christmas toys now, and you want this house clean"

Then I burst out laughing, and I gave him a hug, he didn't appreciate me laughing at him so he pushed me away. But I was so glad that he lifted my spirits I hugged him real good anyway.

That's my little realist for you; he'll bring you back to reality.

He'll probably never get all those toys he's asked for, so that means "face it mom your house will never be as clean and beautiful as Martha Stewart's so get over it!"


Daphne said...

That was a sweet moment! I always whine that I don't get enough sleep at night. I think I need a 6 year old to put that in perspective for me! :)

mer said...

Carianne that is so adorable. I love Zachary!

D-lyn said...

I totally can relate!
You're an awesome mom and He is a great son!

Lorajean said...

awesome Zachy good for you!