Saturday, January 19, 2008

28 things I want to do the year I turn 28

1. Hold regular Family Home Evenings.
2. Perform a solo song at some function with an audience.
3. Create and keep a regular routine for me and my family.
4. Create a weekly and monthly cleaning schedule.
5. Learn to plan my meals in advance like creating a themed meal schedule, so far Friday is pizza night…
6. Dance more, take my Husband dancing.
7. Sew on Sundays.
8. Improve my communication skills with my children so they really know what I’m saying.
9. Restart my exercise routine and keep it up.
10. Lose 15-20 lbs! Preferably 20 but I know I can lose at least 15, I’ve done it before!
11. Become more money wise and try hard to stick to my budget.
12. Pray more.
13. Smile more.
14. Paint two rooms in my house.
15. Strengthen my friendships.
16. Memorize the Family Proclamation.
17. Get a local baby sitter and have date nights weekly.
18. Learn a new song on the flute!
19. Respect my Children and be a nice Mommy.
20. Seriously research how and when I will finish my degree.
21. Refresh my front yard landscape, make it shine!
22. Read more to my children.
23. Early to bed, early to rise.
24. Organize my room so that there is a place for everything and everything’s in its place.
25. Run a 5K race.
26. Live closer to the spirit of the Lord and let it guide me.
27. Do something nice for my honey every day (almost every day is good too).
28. Feast daily on the good word of God. Implement a regular scripture study time that is realistic and fits in the regular family routine.


mer said...

you have to put up a self portraity type pic with it :).

Annie Carie said...

OK :)

jA.Smith said...

I love it! You have inspired me to also make a list. Although, it's gonna be 33 things and I'm starting 2 months late!