Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Cookie Village

Way back in early December we made cookie houses instead of the traditional cookie train and I promised the kids that I would let them decorate their house however they wanted and Mommy wouldn't try to take over and make it just perfect.
Lubber boy had lots of fun decorating his house but mostly he wanted to eat it.
Z boy had fun too but was easily frustrated with the frosting.
In the end he only wanted to use sprinkles to decorate his house.
All the goodies!

fun times!
Me and Babes made this one.
Can I eat some please!!
Here they are all finished!
Lubber-boy's then Z-boys, the chocolate one in back is Daddy's (but I made it)
and the last one is Babe's (and I "helped")

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Lorajean said...

How awesome!!! I love the little houses!!! what fun! I want to make on now!!