Saturday, November 10, 2007

My Jedi's 4th Birthday

Jedi boy Kaleb's birthday party!

My Star Wars crazy 4 year old boy and his big brother
The R2D2 cake with little Star Wars action figures decorating the table.
The cake is made with marshmallow fondant it's not bad tasting.
At the bottom left of this picture you can see his NEW "little R2" that he just unwrapped.

Wishing for another Star Wars party next year
"the next one will be a General Grievous party OK mommy!"

Here is little sis with Daddy
What you should notice in this picture is the white banner, the boys drew Star Wars pictures, that red circle is the "lava planet" also known as Mustafa, the black one on the far left is the Death Star and Degobah is right above Daddy ear (oh wait that's Kamino).

Here is Grandpa Daryl and Grandpa Jim! I am so glad they could come to the party!


Daphne said...

Adorable! Just adorable!

mer said...

did Kaleb ever open his cousin Christmas gift from Atticus or is he waiting until he arrives?

Lorajean said...

I love it that he knows what kamino is in the first place.

Annie Carie said...

well actually they call kamino the "water planet", and they call degobah "the swamp place where Yoda lives"