Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Egg Hunt

We went on an Easter egg hunt Saturday after Z's Piano Recital. (thats why he's the only one dressed up.) I'm not sure how to post viedo to my blog but when I do I'll try to post his recital piece. He played "I Feel My Saviors Love" and he did AWESOME!!!

Look at that loaded basket!
And the cousins came over too
Lubber boys hair rocked!
We love our cousins!
Babe didn't understand that the once you find an egg you put it in the basket.

(um... Lubber boy needs to visit the potty I think)
(and maybe Lily pad needs to make a trip too?)
Then we had deviled eggs with Uncle Chris and Aunt SB

(Lubber boy took off, no way was he gonna stay for another picture)


mer said...

so fun! wish Atticus was there to play too. Love Kalebs hair.

D-lyn said...

I am so happy you provided such a delightful egg hunt for the girls!
With out that fun with you, they would ave been totally with out an Easter party.
Lubs and lubs