Monday, March 24, 2008

If you were me, what would you do?

My honey and I were talking last night about stuff like finances and home improvements when he asked me what I would do for the house with such and such amount of money and honestly I really wasn't paying attention to the $$ amount, and I kinda wish I had, cause when I asked "um how much again" he looked at me and said "never mind, I can tell by the look on your face that, whatever it is it'll cost way too much".

So them we brushed our teeth, and I took out my contact lenses and crawled into bed and then I confessed to him my frustration about not knowing what to do for the house.

I complained that everyone else (my mom and sisters) all have cool ideas about what they want to do with their homes, furniture they want, what colors they want to paint their rooms etc...

And I'm so jealous! I just don't have it, I have know idea what I want most of the time. It took me FOREVER just to put together what little I have done in my living room. Figuring out what style I like, then picking which colors to put where.

I wish I where brave enough to change my house on a whim like my coolest sister LJ. I think I could probably do it if I had a plan, or some idea of what I wanted .

OK: Here are some of the home improvements we talked about before I fessed up:

Mi Amor still wants to have the family room all to himself, I should just let him have it, he'll probably do it way better than me. He wants to have a red couch. And I'm fine with that so I asked him what kind of red couch?, can it have flowers? (I thought for sure he'd say no way) can it have different colors on it?, patterns?. Just some kind of red couch was his reply.

Then he wants the walls painted darker. Well what color? Everything is darker than white.

And then we talked about that entertainment center ... again. Should he finish it or not? Are we gonna get the bigger flat panel TV he keeps telling me he wants to get some day, that won't fit into the unfinished entertainment center. (I don't like talking about that thing, cause I feel like it's my fault that he's working on it any way, I'm the one who said it was way too ugly so he routed it and painted it... and it's been sitting in the garage ever since).

So I'm now asking for HELP!! We are gonna paint paint paint our house this year. (that's what we agreed to, cause we can at least do that!)

What color would you paint my family room that currently has a green couch that may someday get a red couch and is dark?


mer said...

I'd paint it a sage green. green on green will work for now and it will really pop with a red couch. I have a really fun thing to do with you so you can help to discover what you style is. Dedicate a post to a few of your favorite things/objects/colors/animals/you name it - that speaks to you or inspires you. They don't necessarily have to go together. With that, I can help you find your style and even put a name to it so it will help with your shopping and designing (they do this on HGTV).

Lorajean said...

Good idea mer! Another idea is go browse around some blogs and magazines and save images of anything and everything that you like even if it is one thing in the room. (for example the vase of flowers is awesome to you but you hate the chair. save it anyway just for the vase.) I did this and I now have files of images saved onto my computer to inspire me. I have so many that I need to organize them again. This is a great way because you can look back at the whole file and notice themes popping up here and there. Like, I have a lot of images with pottery and pitchers; from that I knew I had to buy this pedestal bowl I found at the DI that I may have passed up before.

I am so into this way of being inspired that i am now doing the same thing with fashion images. I now know that someday I must have a pretty spring time scarf. And that I love yellow ochre.

D-lyn said...

I love really earthy colors as yu know. I think red and green would love to be neet to toffee, wheat or a deep fleshy tone.
You do have a love of plants. look to them and the lovely dirt they live in for colors and then find various shades that make you feel happy. If the color makes you feel happy when you look around it is the best one!
My favorite painted rooms always make me feel very happy!

The Birch Family said...

I read in a design book that if you are going to paint the walls, you must do the ceiling too. So get a paint chip with like 5 shades on it in the color you like. use the middle one or next to the middle for the walls, and 2 shades lighter (or one if that's all that's left) for the ceiling. Can't wait to see your new space!