Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Remembering: Easter

For Easter we decided as a family to help a boy from church with his Eagle Scout Project. He was collecting items for newborn baby kits for infants in Mexico. So for family home evening we talked about what we could sacrifice (at Stake Conference the Stake President challenged us to sacrifice) So we agreed to sacrifice Easter candy and with that money by things for the babies in Mexico.
So we went down to Wal-mart and bought cloth diapers, infant gowns and little sockies. Enough for three kits (three kids: Z-boy K-luber and Babes=three babies in Mexico. I let them each pick a baby gown)
Then For Easter I decided to make the kids cookies and candies from what we already had in the house. You know not buying all that Easter stuff is SOOO nice! Anyway Z-boy came up to me while I was frosting the cookies and said "Hey! I thought we were not having any candy because of the babies in Mexico!"
So when we had the egg hunt, all the plastic eggs were empty, but we did have plenty of hard boiled eggs!
It was the best Easter yet!

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mer said...

i love it. kaleb and zachary look like siamese twins in the second pic.