Thursday, May 29, 2008

Daddy is Great, He Makes Me Chocolate Cake!

I went Visiting Teaching after dinner last night, when I got home the house smelled of yummy chocolate cake, Daddy and the kids made me this surprise birthday cake.
After the kids were in bed and the cake was mostly cooled Mi Amor brought me up a piece of cake with a candle in it! (what a sweetie!! -sigh- I LOVE him!!)

It's even better the next day because there are chocolate chips in it and the cake cooled enough so the chocolate chips hardened, yum yum yummy! (I ate it for breakfast shhh don't tell!)


D-lyn said...

I love cake for breakfast!!!
I wish you a happy birthday too!
I have a present for you!!!!

Lorajean said...

Mr. Fed-EX had better drop off a secret surprise today or tomorrow or hes fired!! I worked hard to make sure it gets to you by your birthday and he had better work just as hard! :) :)

The Birch Family said...

Happy Birthday! I have loved updating myself on your blog! You are one creative girl!

Natalie said...

Way to go Jason- what a good hubby! I love cake for breakfast too :)