Wednesday, May 14, 2008


PsychoNauts is one of the coolest games I've ever played, and after my husband bought it for me oh... about two years ago I've finally finished it!! I finally beat the last level! It took a walk through and a few You Tube helps to get me through but I DID IT! Yea for me!
I think maybe I should clarify here, It's not like I've been playing this game strait for 2 years LOL, I loose interest in computer games pretty quickly, especially if I get stuck at a hard part for any length of time, like I did with this game. My husband has been bugging me for the past year-ish saying silly things like "haven't you finished that game already" so the real reason I'm celebrating, is to say YES I have BEAT the game! And I know the end of the story.


D-lyn said...

The name of this game makes me think ofLJ and some of her crazy words. It's like she made up the name for them...LOL

Daphne said...

When i first looked at these pictures, I thought they were of people in costumes or something. Then I read the caption of games. OH! It makes a lot more sense now! CONGRATULATIONS on finishing the game. I don't think I ever finished a computer or nintendo game in my life. ;)

Kenton said...

That is such an Allred looking game (emphasis on the LJ side of Allred'ism like D-lyn said)!

I love it!

I want to see you play it!