Sunday, May 25, 2008

Remebering Mothers Day

This is when I tried to get a picture of my lovlies on mothers day, cause I'm their mama and I love 'em soooo much!
And I had to get a pictue of Babe in her adorable new dress that matches her brothers easter sweaters.
This is K-Lubber ignoring my bribes and refusing to smile or look at the camera.
Slaping him in the face with his totilla didn't help, I had to repent after that.
This is my mothersday gift.


D-lyn said...

What a beautiful family!
And what a lovely basket of Fresia!
i love how that stuff smells!

Lorajean said...

I am in love with your hanging basket of flowers! I also love your matching adorable kids!! happy mothers day!

Kenton said...


So this is where the "slap in the face with a tortilla" comes from!

I love it! :)

Annie Carie said...

yeah you didn't know I was trying to take his picture and he was willfully rebelling, and then yeah, that's where it came from.