Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's about time!

It's about time!

Last year, our family had a great year. During 2009 as a family we completed a full year in Evanston Wyoming, took several trips to Colorado to visit family, enjoyed the beach at Bear Lake, traveled to Logan to visit family, went to both the Draper and the Oquirrh Mountain temple open houses and Jason and Carianne celebrated 9 wonderful years of marriage.

In 2009 Jason spent time being a great daddy and enjoyed teaching the kids how to fish. He of course spent a lot of time working hard for SGL Carbon fiber. There was (and still is) exciting talk about the joint venture with BMW that was announced in October. Who knows, there may be a future for us in Moses Lake Washington. Jason also enjoyed his church calling as the Sunday school teacher for the 13-14 year-olds. Favorite memory of 2009: “baptizing my son.”

In 2009 Carianne was busy being a mommy and making a home for us here in Evanston. At the beginning of summer she took up quilting and loves it. Then in the fall she decided to continue her education and took a few classes here at the community collage and is taking more this spring. Favorite memory of 2009: “Helping prepare Zachary for baptism and watching him get baptized.”

In 2009 Zachary started the year in the first grade, then played zooka pitch baseball over the summer, learned to fish, caught crawdads, befriended Toadster the toad, loved going to the beach at Bear Lake, took swim lessons, started second grade in the fall, put his reading skills in high gear and earned several free pizzas through the Book It program, turned 8 years-old and was baptized on November 7th! Favorite memory of 2009: “mostly… all of it”

In 2009 Kaleb started the year with Kinder Kamp (preschool) played T-ball over the summer, learned to fish, caught crawdads, swam like a pro in swim lessons, started Kindergarten and turned 6 years-old, watched his big brother get baptized and loved playing with and collecting as many Lego sets as he possibly could. Favorite memory of 2009: “collecting Legos”

In 2009 Abigail loved to help Mommy bake cookies, enjoyed being a princess, danced around the house, learned to fish, cheered for her brothers at their baseball games and loved eating concession candy, became potty proficient, turned 3 years-old, started Kinder Kamp in the fall, squealed with delight as she watched her big brother get baptized and wanted to be baptized next. Favorite memory of 2009: “being a princess”

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