Monday, July 26, 2010


In the middle of a cold Evanston winter I dreamed about escaping to some place warm. My sister Merrilee tempted me to come to California for Christmas but we couldn’t work it out with Jason’s schedule. It was then that I became determined to visit her and the California sun shine. Spring break was the next best time for me; however Mer’s family had conflicting plans and wouldn’t be home during my spring break. As I was talking with Daryllyn on the phone about my need to visit the golden state, she decided to she wanted to join in the adventure and we planned to launch our expedition in May, the moment school was out. At first neither of us planned (or could afford) to go to Disneyland, but as we learned of the Give a Day, Get a Disney Day promotion we decided to include it in the plans.

Then as Jason learned more and more about the vacation plans he discovered he could take some time off of work (it was perfect timing) and join us (he had never been to Disneyland before).

As the winter turned to spring and vacation time grew nearer, each of us completed the required day of service. Jason, the boys, and I volunteered to pull weeds at the University of Utah Red Butte Botanical Gardens. Abby didn’t come, because children under the age of 6 could not volunteer. (April 24th) This was the boys favorite part of pulling weeds, finding the worms and bugs!

Daryllyn and her family (those older than 6) helped with the “Race for the Cure”, and Sarabeth and Christopher helped entertain at a nursing home (such a cool story). On completion of our service we received our free Disneyland ticket vouchers (there are many details I could share about getting ticket vouchers but suffice it to say, we all got tickets into the park one way or another) (except Christopher he didn’t come so Liberty (you are so awesome I'm so glad you came) took his place, but that’s another story all together!). This is a picture of the Volunteer pins they gave us at the gate:

Tuesday June 1st we went to Disneyland.

Our family of 5 entered the park for only $62, the cost of one child’s ticket. The Jungle Cruise was our first ride followed by Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion.

In this picture you can see Zachary, Jason and Me heading into Adventureland.Merrilee, Abby and Jason in line for the Jungle Cruise.
Then on to Pirates of the Caribbean:

We are either in line for Pirates or the Hunted Mansion in this picture: Sarabeth, William, Daryllyn, Oliver and Merrilee.
Then we split up. Jason and the big kids (Sarabeth, McKayla, Zachary, Kaleb, and later Jon when he got off work) formed what Zachary named the SS group or Scary Stuff group; they went on all the rides with restrictions (namely height and pregnancy restrictions). Daryllyn, Merrilee, Liberty, and my pregnant self with all the little ones (Lilyanne, Juliette, William, Atticus, Oliver, and Abby) formed the BS group or Baby Stuff group (don’t forget, Zachary named the groups). Here we are at the Hungry Bear Restaurunt planing out our next adventure just before we split up. This is almost everyone except me (behind the camera) and Jon who met us later.
Atticus and Kaleb

After the split the BS group went on it's first "baby" ride Winnie the Pooh:
We had them all hold hands I love how cute Ju Ju and Abby look here: Juliett, Abby, Atticus, and Lilyanne who is holding hands with Liberty
In line waiting to ride the Winnie the Pooh beehives:
Then ofcourse the next best place for kiddie rides is Fantasyland! When we reached Sleeping Beauty's Castle there we saw a little Mary Poppin skit. Abby infront of Sleeping Beauty's Castle:
We walked through the castle and met up with Mer Mer's Jonny boy and took a ride on King Arther's Carousel:
Zachary trying to pull the sword from the stone just out side of King Arther's Carousel:

Here we are at the Mad Hatters Tea Party in the tea cups.
Sarabeth and McKayla wanted to spin fast so they got their own tea cup.


YouHaveHowMany? said...

How fun! Not so fun that you are too pregnant to ride most of the rides.... :)

Lemon Fam said...

Jealous. How fun! We hope to go next Christmas.

D-lyn said...

This post is great!

I love that you said absolutely nothing about that dumbo ride picture wink wink!